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Astro Update 7 25 18

Today at 11:03PM/MDT, Mercury will turn Retrograde (Rx) until Aug.18th. As Mercury is in Leo, it will bring insights into one’s ideas of life, where pride gets in the way, and where we indulge our thinking, sometimes far away from the truth of things.

It’s a 3 week timeframe. Good to have a project to work on while you are being self-reflective.

Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. July 27 at 2:20PM/MDT. Total Eclipse of the Moon, visible across Australia, Antarctic, West and Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Eastern Caribbean, most of Europe, South Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. It is long lasting in time from beginning to end.

A lot of erratic energy, especially emotionally. If issues come up, deal with them. There’s no sweeping things under the rug. Take your power, even if it’s uncomfortable and stand for your truth. Even if there is a backlash, you will have had your say and stood your ground. There is a lot of healing here.

My other thoughts: The Eclipses take within 3-6 months when they trigger something in a person’s chart. Sometimes, it’s the day of the Eclipse, but usually most people don’t live that close to the bone, and it takes a while to realize what wants to happen, what the next step is.

More globally, it’s always thought that the path of the Eclipse as it traverses the planet, those land masses that it is visible over, are where the most influence of the Eclipse happens. That’s why people flock to an Eclipse site, consciously to view it, unconsciously to be imprinted with the effects of it for them. Sometimes it’s life changing. So…thinking of the land masses that this Eclipse passes over, I have to wonder what will transpire in Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia over the next 3-6 month period.

“Love is the whole thing.

We are only pieces.”


If you are interested in a Women’s Ireland Tour to the sacred sites there: holi wells, standing stones and stone circles, please contact me. The Tour is May 11-18, 2019. There is room for several more people. It has to book early so that we have housing available. Everything books up quickly in Ireland these days. 303.541-9106

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