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New Book! Liberation: Thoughts in Poetic Form

Liberation: Thoughts in Poetic Form

Ed. by Jyoti Wind

$14.95 +$4.s/h

From the back cover:

Jyoti pulls you into her realm, as she

does so well, calms you with her wisdom,

comforts you with poetic words accompanied

by meditations that soothe and reinforce you.

Arlene S. Bice, non-fiction author, poet, teacher,

editor, publisher.

A sample:

Renewing Meditation

In a meditative mode,

breathe out the cares of the day.

Imagine a golden white light showering down upon you,

entering your cells from head to toe.

Bask in this Divine Light of Grace.

Think of your cells being renewed.

Imagine this is your divine birthright,

to be filled with light and love.

Then go about your day.

Giving and Receiving

We give as we can.

What a joy it is,

to give of ourselves.

We receive

as we learn how to,

to let someone else

be the giver,

and see the joy

in them.

I have to find the peace

in my own heart

before I can bring it

to the world.

From the Introduction:

Liberation can be viewed as a simple slim book to read, or a course of study of oneself. You might write companion pieces as you read, or you may record your experiences and reactions to the thoughts and meditations presented here. Scribble in the margins. Draw on the pages. This is your book. Make it your own!

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