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Both Sweet and Fierce

Small pinches of tobacco,

sacred week of the ancients,

and small handfuls of rose petals

from my English Rose harvest

of last year,

I walk the edges

of my small garden,

out to the curb

that is the edge point

of where I meet the world,

all the way

to the back yard edge.

and I bless all the spirits

who live here with me,

who grow my flowers

so vibrant and lush

in the warmer days,

the elementals, devas,

angels, the blessed fairies,

offering all my gratitude

and love for the help

as this new season begins.

All the spirits,

sweet and fierce

who love and protect me,

help me sleep warmly at night,

and wake me to sun and birds

and nature’s rhythms,

I offer all my love and gratitude,

sweet and fierce,

and blessings many!

Jyoti Wind

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