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Astro Update 5 15 20

On Wed. May 13 at 3:45 AM/MDT, Venus turned Retrograde (Rx). It will turn Direct on June 25 at 1:48AM/MDT. During this time frame, Venus asks us to look at our values, what we place importance on, and how we communicate those ideas to others.

It takes us out of mainstream thought and creates situations for us to go more deeply inside. We look at finances with Venus, resources. What are our bottom lines. Is it our job, our standing in the world, our children and our families? When it comes down to it, where do we make a stand.

It’s in the details that we figure it out. In the minutia of daily life. After all the lofty goals are left in the corner, what still stands in the center of the room that gets us out of bed each morning and makes our days worth it. That’s what Venus wants us to know. And she’s on a mission to get us there.

You might create an altar to Venus and ask for her assistance. You might place a small bowl of water and a candle there, fire and water, symbols of alchemical change. Something of beauty also, because that’s what Venus is in our lives, beauty and how we create it. Maybe some flowers, a small painting or statue. A small stone. A nod to the beauty of nature.

Sunday, May 17, the Sun trines Jupiter at 10:40AM/MDT. An expansive day.

“The wealth within you, your essence, is your kingdom.”


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