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Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse

Astro Update 6 19 20

The Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse

This weekend of June 20/21, is a very powerful 2-day period. It provides the catalyst for events to play out over the next several months to one year. Once in 50 years, do the Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse come so close together: 9 hours apart.

The Summer Solstice occurs on Saturday, tomorrow, June 20 at 3:44PM/MDT. As we begin this next quarter of the year, it wants us to bring some things to closure. Let go of old habits and belief systems.

In the Mountain time zone, the Solar New Moon Eclipse occurs on June 21 at 12:41 AM/MDT. This Eclipse is a new cycle of nurturing, on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels. It is saying that nurturing ourselves is part of our destiny right now. How do we fill ourselves up in order to be of service to others. How do we tend our family, the people we live with, those we think of as family. How do we do our part to help raise this whole garden of humanity from the depths of degradation, imbalance, and studied self-interest.

The energies this weekend will play themselves out over the months ahead. How do we care for others. How do we create safe space. How do we give and receive in equal measure.

Another part of the Cancer energy, where this New Moon Eclipse is falling, is its ability to put its finger on the pulse of humanity and sense into it what is coming and what’s needed next.

According to some, when there is a pandemic, a massive global occurrence, things change. That’s its purpose. So that means an opportunity to release the old and seed a new time.

I’ve been hearing: What do you see in this new time? What could the new world look like? How are you a ‘seed’ to bring new ideas and new concepts forward that are needed now? What are you changing in yourself, for where else can you start, that will bring a new world vision to the table?

Ask into yourself for a new vision of possibilities.

Video on YouTube:

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.”


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