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Astro Update 6 29 20

Astro Update 6 29 20

Tonight at 11:46PM/MDT, Jupiter and Pluto are exactly conjunct (next to) again. They have been the same degree from June 23-July 1. Tonite they are the same degree and minute. We’ve see an upsurge in Covid spread. Jupiter and Pluto are the Pandemic from as Astrological point of view.

The earlier conjunction was in the beginning of April when we saw the surges starting. Now at this Retrograde (Rx) conjunction, we see another surge of the virus. As the news reporter said this morning, Texas in now what New York was.

On Nov.12, we have the final pass. I have looked at the cyclic nature of the Spanish flu and felt that the final whiplash pass would be similar in its intensity and the most telling in regard to human awareness, preparation, and our sense of humanity.

This is all part of The Great Turning, The Great Awakening, etc. It’s job is to wake us up to the state of affairs of our planet and our daily lives. Business as usual stopped. We have recouped a semblance of something. Was it enough? We’ll know by 2021.

“One of the marvels of the world: The sight of a soul sitting in prison with the key in its hand.”


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