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Astro Update 8 23 23

Astro Update 8 23 23

Mercury went Retrograde (Rx) today at 2PM/MDT.

We had entered the shadow of this Rx on Aug.4. Now, with Mercury in Virgo, we are re-evaluating the choices in front of us, things that we want to set in motion.

Are they in line with where we want to go.

Are we taking care of our health.

Are we eating well? Exercising?

Mercury analyzes everything. Don’t want to overdo it. Give yourself downtime and breaks. And take time to appreciate the work you are doing.

Mercury turns Direct on Sept. 15.

Tomorrow, Aug. 24, Mars is trine Pluto and it’s a day of strength and being able to make things happen.

“Love is the whole thing.

We are only the pieces.”



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