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Beginning Astrology Classes

Beginning Astrology Classes

Astrology is the study of one’s relationship to the infinite. Historically, astrology was used to guide travelers, read the portents in the heavens in regard to planting and farming, and to advise kings and queens as to their decision-making process.

Astrology has survived over the centuries as a personal divination tool as well. Using a knowledge of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects, one can begin to see the larger cycles of movement in relationship to one’s own life. As above, so below.

Beginning Astrology Class

Oct-Nov 2022 Zoom

$150. for 6 classes

Sliding scale. Classes 1½ hours.

No prior knowledge necessary.

For questions on the class call Jyoti at 303.483-8602.

Jyoti Wind has been an astrologer for 50 years. She currently offers consultations online/Zoom.


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