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Ferrying the Dead: Psychopomp Class Series

Wednesday evenings, April 5-May 10 6 weeks, $150.


We will learn about Compassionate Depossession, Unraveling Curses, and helping souls cross over after their bodies have died. There are many souls caught between the worlds. They are waiting for help to get to the Portal of Light.

Learn how to work with mythic beings and your own spirit guides to help these souls complete their journey into the Light. Psychopomp: From the Greek: Conductor of souls.

This is sacred work, true service, and if you feel the calling to do this, join me.

“Death has nothing to do with going away. The Sun sets, the Moon sets. But they are not gone.”


For this workshop, you will need a strong sense of your own journey experience and connection with your spirit guides and helpers. Payable: Venmo: @Jyoti-Wind For PayPal, use email

to find my account.

Jyoti Wind has been working with shamanic practices for over 30 years. She has led workshops on basic journeying, soul retrieval work, and led quarter and cross-quarter ceremonies throughout the year. This is an online workshop.

Please respond to register, for questions, and for the Zoom link. 303.483-8602

Ferrying the Dead: Psychopomp Class Outline

Interviews, Class Material, Experiential Journeys

Class 1: Finding your crew. Putting out a call for those beings who will help you in this work, perhaps with their designated specialties.

Class 2: Waiting Rooms, Reception Centers, and Inquiry of the Dead.

Class 3: Portal of Light

Class 4: Unraveling Curses

Class 5: Compassionate Depossession

Class 6: Mass Deaths, Becoming the Guide, Preparing Your Own Way.

“I find it necessary to drop completely any preconceptions about what will happen. Shamans need to be open and ready for the unexpected, in fact should expect it because that’s likely to be what they’ll get. The unexpected, in fact, is a good sign of authenticity….Variety is the spice of the shamanic life. So, the more exciting and adventuresome the journeys, the more rewarding for all concerned.

Upon entering non-ordinary reality, helping spirits will normally take the shaman right to the discarnate clients needing help. Also it is said, certain shamans emit a special light, a beacon, that draws earthbound souls to them, in which case it might be said that discarnate souls ‘call the shaman’ instead of vice-versa.” David Kowalewski, Death Walkers.

A shamanic interview with Betsy Bergstrom by Christina Platt:


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