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Sept.Shamanic Study Group

September Shamanic Study Group

The theme for the September Study Group is a Spirit Boat Journey to the Soul of the Earth.

We will call in the directions to create safe space. Then discuss the need for ritual and ceremony.

Our Journeying will take as a community group to the Soul of the Earth.

Please join us on Sunday morning, Sept. 12 at 10AM/MDT

The Study Group is free and open to anyone who has some shamanic experience.

If you don’t, please see my free YouTube Channel, and listen to Flight of the Spirit talk, and then do a practice journey to find your power animal/compassionate spirit using the video presented on that channel as well for that purpose: How To Find Your Compassionate Spirit Guide.

Here is a brief article on Spirit Boat Journeys

Please RSVP and I will send a Zoom link.


Please contact me if you need help with your first journey.

I will also be offering an Autumnal Equinox Celebration on Tuesday evening, Sept.12st at 6PM/MDT. We will celebrate the Harvest and give thanks, and we will also journey to a great bonfire to release our collective grief from the year behind us. I will send a flyer out soon.

You might enjoy the Youtube film Tashi and the Monk. I heard it was on Prime as well.

Check out my free YouTube Channel for workshops


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