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Spring Equinox Celebration

Spring Equinox Celebration

Join me on Thursday night, March 18 at 6PM/MDT. Free

We will celebrate new growth, new ways of looking at life, your dreams and wishes…what you want to implement at this time.

The Spring Equinox holds the balance between Heaven and Earth, heart and mind, and where we want to break free, take risks, start new projects.

We ask Ostara/Eostre, the ancient Germanic Goddess of Spring, to join us.

We will rattle and drum and raise the energy that honors the return of Spring and the Goddess who brings her new growth with every footfall.

Have a bowl of water and a candle and even some Dandelion leaves/flowers, or other early flowers, to grace your altar, if they’re not under snow!!!!

Contact me if you are interested and I will send a Zoom link.


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