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Summer '21 Starshine News

Starshine News Vol.25, # 3 Summer 2021

Dear Friends, Take every opportunity for growth, for seeing old patters that no longer fit. Be as authentic with yourself as possible. Opportunities come in many forms. Let Nature speak to you. Sit under a tree, or tend a garden. Open yourself to the language of the natural world. Let Nature love you. We are looking at a return to ‘normalcy’. Whatever that is. We continue. That’s the best we can do. We put one foot in front of the other, giving it our best shot in that moment. Whatever comes to us down the road, we deal with. We can’t know ahead of time, because we are in a state of change. There are things that are not working for the race of humanity that needs to be weeded out and healed now, before we go any further. We are being given opportunities at every turn to make changes in ourselves, in our families and our world. We may resist, thinking they are something else. We need to stand on the side of growth and movement. We need to champion and even initiate change. Unstick the stuck patterns of a way of life that cannot continue. The Earth is evolving. We are evolving. Be an agent of change. Blessings, Jyoti

Summer Meditation Breathe in the goodness of life. Let it fill your cells and organs. Breathe that goodness into your family, spreading the goodness to them. Breathe into your community, asking for blessings and all good things to come to them. Breathe into the Earth for the healing of all creatures. Bring light and goodness into the Earth and let it fill you. Astrological Services Consultations are $120. They include: Natal, and Transit Reading. Relationship Charts. Astrocartography Maps. Shamanic Journeys. Spiritual Consulting. Children’s Charts: $60 under 14 yrs. Sliding scale available “It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Rumi

Summer 2021 Astrology Column

On the first of July, Mars challenges stagnation or limitation. Let’s get moving, it says. Healing on the 2nd, unexpected events on the 3rd. Pay attention. On the 4th, interesting insights, and on the 6th look at trust in the bigger picture. Freedom needs on the 8th. New Moon on the 9th at 7:17PM/MDT brings challenges, opening to new foundations of doing things. Maturing energies, healing energies. Let go of old stuff. Expansive view on the 12th, artistic creativity on the 13th, and power plays on the 17th. The Full Moon on the 23rd at 8:37PM/MDT brings a sense of polarities. Take responsibility for what’s yours. With deeper sights, use what you see to heal yourself.

August begins with personal insights on the 1st, to where we limit ourselves. Listen to your own inner counsel to move forward. On the 4th, new horizons beckon, and on the 6th, we push against limits imposed by others. The New Moon on the 8th at 7:50AM/MDT brings a new cycle of potential resolution. Look at what nurtures and feeds you. The 11th brings strength and empowerment and between the 14-26 of Aug. with Uranus stationing, we are open to new ideas, new freedoms, and expansion. Intuition high of the 20th. The Full Moon on the 22nd at 6:02AM/MDT says Poetry, Poetry. Read some. Write some. Ask for clarity. Be open to doing things differently. We end August with trying new things, questioning old ways of thinking, and learning to balance our choices.

September begins with seeking the truth on the 2nd, and finding some frustration in the process, and possible power plays on the 5th. The New Moon on the 6th at 6:52PM/MDT brings energy to make things happen. Empowerment. Focus. Energy. Be practical, not extravagant. Mercury enters its shadow on Sept.7th in Libra. It’s all about balance and fairness and relationships. This is the arena we will be dancing in until mid-Oct. Remember, having project to work on, self-flection and inner study and work, are the point of Mercury turning Retrograde (Rx). Rethink spiritual beliefs on the 14th. Empowerment on the 16th. The Full Moon on the 20th at 5:55PM/MDT asks us to look at trust issues. Look to the larger picture. Trust that what you need will come. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd at 1:21PM/MDT suggests that as we enter the next quarter of the year, we are given the capacity to see a larger picture of possibility for ourselves. To look deeper as well as broader. Be willing to put language to your feelings and say what your truth is. There is a drive to accomplish on the 25th, Mercury turns Rs on the 26th at 11:10PM/MDT and a sense of trusting one’s authority and sovereignty also shows up. Happy Fall!

New Moon July 9 7:17PM/MDT

Full Moon July 23 8:37PM/MDT

New Moon Aug 8 7:50AM/MDT

Full Moon Aug 22 6:02AM/MDT

New Moon Sept 6 6:52PM/MDT

Mercury enters its shadow Sept.7

Full Moon Sept.20 5:55PM/MDT

Fall Equinox Sept 22 1:21PM/MDT

Mercury turns Rx Sept 26 11:10PM/MDT

Mercury’s Cycle

Mercury enters its shadow Sept 7

Mercury turns Rx Sept. 27

Mercury turns Direct Oct 18

Mercury catches up Nov 3

Summer 2021 Book Reviews

Murder at the Mena House: A Jane Wimberly Mystery by Erica Ruth Neubauer. I happen to like the 20s Egypt as a setting for mysteries. This one didn’t disappoint. Meeting a new heroine and an unlikely helper, I enjoyed the hotel setting, very near the pyramids, the cast of characters, and Jane taking the lead in a murder investigation. Very enjoyable.

The Ruin by Dervla Mc Tiernan. Detective Cormac Reilly has been relocated from Dublin to the Galway Garda team. Rumors and deceptions follow him around as he tries to solve the cold case that had been his very first experience 20 years prior. A recent supposed suicide brings the case to the present moment. I enjoyed the police procedure and the mystery to be unraveled. Book 1 of 3. Reminiscent of author Tana French.

Where Heaven and Earth Meet

I am an altar upon which

the Greater Mother

lays her hand.

I am the place to come

And venerate and respect

How I walk in the world.

I am an altar upon which

Nature bestows

her gifts.

I am the light of the heart candles

That burn

Upon my altar.

I am where Heaven and Earth meet.

Jyoti Wind

White Heron: Run and Hide thriller by J.J. Marsh. In her new series, the author introduces us to Ann Sheldon, at least that’s the name she is using. She lives in a shack on a remote beach in Brazil. She maintains her privacy from the village nearby, and keeps a machete behind her front door, just in case.

Buried broken bottles surround her tiny dwelling as a further protection from what we are not immediately privy to. A murder, a tribunal ordering death from a supremacy point of view, and we wonder who Ann is as she mobilizes to help solve these mysteries. Love this new series.

The Tale Teller by Anne Hillerman. In her 5th book, Anne leads us through burglaries, a dead body on a hiking trail, and sacred artifacts missing from an anonymous donation to a museum. Joe Leaphorn returns along with Bernie and Chee on Navajo land and throughout New Mexico. I enjoy her stories like I did her dad’s, each with insights and sharings of Native American culture and thinking. And a mystery to solve!

“In my shamanic practice, the combination of consistent, stable outer rituals and rich, varied inner experience has been balancing and nourishing to me. I cannot imagine living without access to these inner worlds. I cannot imagine living without helping other to become whole through this work.” Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval.

The Gift of Imperfection : Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to be & Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown. This book gave me much to reflect on. Brene’s honesty and self disclosure are extremely helpful and refreshing. I recently experienced my own “breakdown spiritual awakening”. So I met this book and her others at a most opportune time in my life. I highly recommend her work and especially this book. She is a very bright light for all of us—a beacon of truth on a level that got passed my defensive radar.

She says, “Shame is the birthplace of perfectionism.” (p. 55) I personally have lived with the sense of unworthiness and shame my whole life, until now. Ahhh! She gently touched and soothed a very raw nerve that began a deep healing for me.

In my opinion we are blessed, as multiple cross-generations around the world, to have her help us navigate through our confusion to what she calls our “self-resilience”. This, I feel, is especially true NOW with the effects COVID-19 is having in our lives. This is an amazing read that goes deep and reads true. Guest Reviewer: Susan McCallum

Hostile Witness: A Josie Bates thriller by Rebecca Forster. The Witness Series Book 1. Josie Bates works quietly for a small town law firm after a ‘crash and burn’ case and having the world’s eye on her. An old roommate shows up and wants Josie to defend her daughter, Hannah. She’s been accused of setting fire to a house that killed her grandfather, a California Supreme Court Judge. Courtroom drama, emotional problems with OCD overtones, and people who are inherently narcissistic, made this first book very enjoyable. Loved it!

You Are Worth It

It is human to doubt ourselves.

Our complex mental-emotional beings

tangle around our imaginations.

Anxiety is creativity gone sideways.

It is divine to claim our own lives

& see that we are luminous.

When born to such privilege,

Shining love & beauty into this world is our duty.

Find your way to remember your divine nature

And do so regularly

Terra Rafael

Remember I have a free youtube channel and there are workshops and talks to listen to. They vary in range from women’s workshops to shamanic guidance and experiential rattling to take you on a journey.

“Soul loss is an adaptive strategy to the original trauma. Leaving the body is at times the most intelligent way to escape the full weight of a particular horror. When a soul catapults from the body, an intrinsic intelligence is at work.” Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval.

The Enchanted Life: Reclaiming the Magic and Wisdom of the Natural World by Sharon Blackie. Using myth, fairy tales, folk culture and her grounded tools for reclaiming enchantment in our lives, the author sets us on a path of awareness of Nature and how Nature lives in us as we live in Nature. Excerpts below.

“We think of ourselves as ‘in’ landscape, but sometimes we forget that landscape is also in us. We are formed by the ground we walk on: that which lies beneath our feet. That which holds us, supports us, feeds us. Ground is where we stand, the foundation for our lives. Whether it is hard and cold or warm and soft, ground is the foundation of our being in this world.”

“To put it quite simply, we cannot be human without the land. Our humanity cannot exist in isolation: it requires a context, and its context is this wide Earth which supports us, and the non-human others who share it with us.”

“We have forgotten much of the old Dreaming; it’s time to scrabble amidst the rubble, and see what we can unearth. But more importantly than this, it’s time to participate in the process of its never-ending becoming. If the stories are always alive and transforming, then so is the soul of the world--and so are we, held within it. The land is waiting for those who know how to watch and listen; for those who are open and know how to dream. Listen to the whispers of the land. Be silent for a while. Watch the characters, see the threads. Weave them into a new tapestry.

2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Jyoti

July 11, Free


Theme: Bees

RSVP for Zoom link

4th Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Terra

July 25, Free


Deepening our relationship

With spirit helpers

RSVP for Zoom link

Lughnasadha Celebration

Friday, July 30, Free


RSVP to Jyoti for Zoom link

Soul Retrieval Workshop

Online via Zoom. $100.

4 Sessions, 1 ½ hours each.

Sept.’21 6PM/MDT

RSVP if you are interested.

Jyoti Wind

2635 Mapleton Ave.#9

Boulder, CO 80304



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